A mother in Oklahoma was hosting a birthday party for her six-year-old girl . . . and she was bummed because her plans for a cake fell through.  So she came up with a bizarre back-up plan.

She hired “Mrs. Bigfoot”, aka Cinnamon, who would be in costume, and would surprise the kids by peeking in the windows at the party.

Mrs. Bigfoot showed up, and the kids were immediately horrified, and began screaming, running, and crying.  Mrs. Bigfoot went in the house . . . and the kids eventually warmed up to her a little, but the mother says the kids still so they never want to see her again.

Mrs. Bigfoot arrived with balloons, wearing a tutu and a bow in her hair . . . so the mom says she thought it would be “cute and fun.”  But the kids “did not have that reaction.”