Are You Ready For Some Jingle Bell Rock?

Burning Candle and Sheet Music

Prepare to be really excited or really annoyed. You know how Christmas decorations seem to arrive in stores earlier and earlier? Well the tunes are coming in just a few days.
Hallmark has teamed up with SiriusXM to create a 24/7 all-holiday music channel that will launch while you’re still nursing your Halloween hangover on November 1st.
The station will be staffed by Full House and Fuller House actress Candace Cameron Bure, with musical introductions from some of your favorite holiday artists and celebrities.
If you want to be overly filled with the holiday spirit until December 29th, head over to Channel 70 or your web player.
When is the right time to start hearing all-Christmas music in stores? Have you started to see holiday stuff appear on the shelves?



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