Have you ever attended an online concert?

Many musicians are turning to technology to salvage cancelled tours and album release events.  While not perfect, there’s a special charm to these digital house concerts.

FB Live hosts many of these shows.  Hang in there when you watch them because they often experience technical glitches, but it becomes part of the DIY ethos of the event.

My dear friends Wild Ponies and Caleb Caudle hosted a short set last night.  Catch it here.  Support independent music.

Live from Rainbow Terrace

Thank you, thank you for being here for our Hurry Up (and wait) Show with Wild Ponies. If you'd like to tip, we'd sure appreciate your support (all tips being split down the middle):Venmo: @wildponiest PayPal: bass@wildponies.net

Posted by Caleb Caudle on Thursday, March 12, 2020

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