Columbia, SC filmmaker Chris Bickel‘s latest movie, Bad Girls, explodes into the indie film world in 2021.  Nearly 100 cast and crew made the film just before the pandemic.  Crafting art on a shoestring budget — even niche horror films — forces artists to think creatively to complete their projects.

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Bad Girls is currently in post-production.  The underground movie is completed, awaiting the score and color correction.  The team made the film for $16,000.  In comparison, so-called small budget “indie” Hollywood film spends one million dollars.  Now that Bad Girls finished filming, Columbia can help.

Like many bands do these days, Bad Girls offers films for pre-sale.  Using the popular crowdfunding site, Indiegogo, arts lovers and horror film fans can pre-purchase the movie now.  By pre-selling before the movie premiere, Bickel can submit to film festivals and craft a niche promotional campaign.

NOTE:  This amazing Donna Summer disco song has nothing to do with the movie.  I used it solely to get your attention.

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