Bono Reveals He Doesn’t Know If U2 Will Ever Tour Again

It gets harder every time…

As the saying goes, father time is undefeated and it appears to be catching up with Bono. Bono says he can’t do as much as he use to be able to do.

He used to meet with 100 lawmakers in between shows and now he can’t. He is also having issues with his voice. He recently had to cancel a show due to losing his voice. Now he has to be more attentive toward his vocals and protect his voice.

Bono believes this tour may be the last. The Edge says that Bono does not particularly take great care of his physical self which is fine in your 20’s but then you get to a certain where it’s hard to make the change. He went on to say that you can’t spend too much time thinking that you are old either.

What is your favorite U2 song? What is your favorite U2 tour?



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