Crosby Says Music Keeps Him Alive

David Crosby is crediting music for keeping him alive. The classic rocker, who recently turned 80, is still experiencing the creative drive.

In a new interview, Crosby said, “I think making music is crucial and it’s keeping me alive. There are two centres to my life; my family and the music. That I can still at this advanced age get a chance to make more music is just a freaking miracle; it’s f’n wonderful. I didn’t think I was going to live past 30.”

“The fact that I’ve made it this far… All the things that I’ve been through, man – all the mistakes that I’ve made; the time that I’ve wasted; the problems that I’ve had… I’m astounded that I’m here, I’m clear-headed, I’m happy and I’m working and my family is working. I’m making good records. I’m surprised and extremely pleased.”

What helps keep you alive?