In the 1960s, Nick Lowe wrote songs cut by Johnny Cash and BJ Thomas.  By the 70s, he worked with Dave Edmunds, Graham Parker, and Elvis Costello.  Through that early punk, pub rock, and new wave era, Lowe produced many albums for artists on the Stiff Records label.  He worked with The Damned, Wreckless Eric, as well as Costello.

Elvis Costello’s debut album, My Aim Is True, highlighted their collaboration.  Following the success of that record, Costello formed his own label, Radar Records.  He continued to work with Lowe.  Their second album together, This Year’s Model, featured even more biting lyrics in a palatable package.  Although Costello did not continue to work directly with Stiff, he contributed to the Pogues album, meeting and later marrying (and divorcing) their bassist, Cait O’Riordon.

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