Deep Dive into R.E.M.: Murmur

How many of y’all trekked to Climax to take your picture in the kudzu below a train trestle?  Only me?  Yeah, I’m R.E.M. obsessed.  My friends and I drove out there to visit one day.  Snakes in the undergrowth slithered away because we were dumb enough to head there in the summer.   Current efforts to preserve this piece of music history ebb and flow.

Maybe the three most recognizable drum beats in jangle pop, “Radio Free Europe” cemented the band as college radio royalty.  The version most of us know is re-recorded, as there was some conflict between the label and band in the recording of several songs.   Ultimately, the guys returned to North Carolina and paired up with Mitch Easter again and brought in Don Dixon, too.  Their creative partnership yielded Murmur.






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