Do you still listen to vinyl?

I’ve got a ridiculous collection of vinyl albums.  In past few years, vinyl has re-surged in emerging music and classic rock reissues.  I typically buy vinyl directly from the underground musicians that I dig.  Financially, they’re pretty much only making money off t-shirts and vinyl sales.  Most albums these days include a digital download code, so it’s the best of both worlds for me.

My turntable collection takes over my music room.  The two we mostly play are my husband’s fancy 1980s Sony direct drive and my 1970s Radio Shack special.  I’ve also got an out-of-control linear tracking player that spins about 100 RPM.  I need help fixing that one!  Let’s see, I’ve got a 1980s all-in-one player where the FM and player work, but the cassettes do not.  Then, I’ve got a super cool 1960s tube speaker suitcase player that needs a new platter.  Yeah, I might have a problem…

What vinyl have you bought in the last decade?  Show me yours in the comments!





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