Did you stop seeking out new music around age 30?

Separate research from Spotify and Deezer indicates that most people in the US, Canada, and Europe stop expanding their music tastes around age 30 (28 per Deezer, 33 per Spotify).  Researchers attribute the phenomenon partly due to life changes as we enter our thirties.  Our brains change rapidly from 12-26, and we are more receptive to new music during that era.  People tend to be nostalgic for the music of their teens because of this rapid brain development.

One of my favorite aspects of 94.9 The Palm is that we expand our music taste.  We play songs you know and love, songs that are familiar but you might not be able to sing along every word, and brand new music that we think you will like, too.  We keep it fresh, so your brain can thrive!

Wanna let us know some music you’d like to hear? 

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