Elvis Presley‘s legendary blue suede shoes, famously immortalized in the song, have fetched over $150,000 at auction.

The shoes, worn by the rock ‘n’ roll icon during the 1950s, were purchased by an American collector based in California on Friday, according to the auction house Henry Aldridge & Son, which hosted the sale.

Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge, speaking to Good Morning America via email, emphasized the significance of the sale, stating, “The price for me reflects the importance of such an iconic object.” He added, “The sale of the shoes reflects the iconic nature and the enduring fascination in Elvis.”

According to the auction listing, Presley wore these iconic blue suede shoes both on and off stage throughout the 1950s.

They gained particular fame during Presley’s appearance on The Steve Allen Show on July 1, 1956, when he mentioned them before performing “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You.”

Elvis gifted the shoes to his close friend and entourage member Alan Fortas the night before the singer departed for Army service in 1958.

The authenticity of these shoes is further validated by an Elvis Presley Museum certificate included with the shoes, which was hand-signed by Jimmy Velvet, a close friend of Presley for over two decades and the founder, original president and CEO of the Elvis Presley Museum.


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