I grew up with two of the guys who ended up on the tv show, The Office.  Kinda crazy to see the kid from carpool on tv!  Even crazier to think that 2 guys from the same high school ended up on the same show!

Play a game as your favorite character from The Office!  Now you can do more than rock your Dunder Mifflin tee shirt, you can play the game.  Which character would you choose first?

From the source:

Target Has an Office Board Game That Lets You Play As Your Favorite Dunder Mifflin Employee

 The Office Downsizing game costs $15 and includes a Dundie award, a dry erase calendar, employee ID cards, email cards, and more. So the next time you and your friends binge-watch The Office you can now see who can survive in Scranton without getting downsized.

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