This month, head out to Harbison State Forest.  The park is just outside of Columbia.  Remember to either pre-purchase a parking pass or bring cash for the parking box.  You will get a ticket if you do not pay for parking!

Harbison’s trails are well-marked, but it’s always wise to download a trails app before you venture outdoors.  (I use the MTB Project app because it has live GPS of where I am on a trail, but there are many great choices.)  Mountain bikers enjoy the variety of trail levels, from beginner to advanced.  If you are just checking out the trails for the first time, check the map legend for the difficulty. As a beginner, I think they are slightly harder than indicated on the map.

Runners and hikers love Harbison.  The trails are nicely maintained and have beautiful views, including a gorgeous bluff over the river.  Like all wilderness, bring your own hydration, do not leave anything behind, and consider “plogging,”  (picking up litter while jogging) and leave Harbison better than you found it.

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