Can you believe this? Somebody is going to get paid to eat BBQ!  Sign me up.

From the original press release:

Wanted: Someone to Eat Ribs and Travel the Country

Salary: $5,000 a Week

If you’re a rib lover and traveling around the world is a dream of yours then Reynolds Wrap wants to pay you to find the best-tasting ribs in the country, oh and they’ll pay you $5000 a week.

To be the next Reynolds Wrap Chief Grilling Officer you would need to be able to travel around the United States for the first two weeks of August and post pictures and grilling techniques to the company’s website and social media pages.

The chosen candidate can bring a companion and lodging and travel would be prepaid, not bad to go around the country eating ribs for two weeks or and the $10,000 isn’t bad either.

To apply, send a photo of yourself grilling with 100 words about why you should be chosen as Reynolds Wraps’ Chief Grilling Officer at the Reynolds website.

The deadline is Wednesday, June 19th at midnight. What type of barbeque could you eat every day?

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