Go to a Show this Weekend 1/11/19

Go see some live music in the Midlands this weekend!

Friday 1/11

  • Columbia Craft Brewing Company:  Brother Oliver, 6:30PM
  • Curiosity Coffee:  EZ Shakes, John the Revelator, V Harrington, Jacob Pickos, 7PM-midnight
  • Drip (Five Points location):  Those Laveder Whales, Sun Studies (Schooner), Joshua Carpenter (Floating Action), 6PM
  • White Mule:  Glass Mansions, Blocker, Howling Child, 8PM-2AM

Saturday 1/12

Sunday 1/13

  • New Brookland Tavern:  Mario McClean & Tyler Digital, Husband, North By North, The Witness Marks at New Brookland Tavern, 7:30PM



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