I am a noted air drumming runner.  I mean, I’m terrible, but I definitely air drum while I run.  If I was coordinated enough, I’d dance, too, but sadly, I’d trip on my own feet.

Comedian, life coach, rock star Andrew WK wants you to get fit air drumming.  Only Andrew WK…

Add Air-Drumming To Your Workout Routine

Do you want to blast fat while you “party hard”?

Then check out Andrew W.K.’s 43 minute air-drumming workout set to Napalm Death’s entire 1993 album Harmony Corruption.

On his YouTube channel, W.K. wears 2.5-pound weighted gloves during the workout to tone up his arms (that look like they’re ready to fly off his shoulders.)

Don’t come for him, metal purists!  W.K. points out his own countless drum fill errors in the workout video. His drum pains mean your muscle gains!

Do you think you could air-drum with as much intensity as Andrew W.K. for five minutes straight?

Which bands do you listen to when you work out? 

Which song is the best to air drum to?

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