I’m traveling a bit this year, so staying healthy is definitely on my mind.  I’m that weirdo who brings antibacterial wipes and cleans the arm rests before I sit down on a plane, so…

…and where are that person’s gloves?

Where To Sit On A Plane To Avoid Getting Sick

Spending a few hours inside a sealed metal tube with 200 other people breathing the same air is definitely one way to come down with a cold. But you can lower your risk of catching a bug.

According to researchers at Emory University, who analyzed 229 environmental samples over 10 flights, your best bet is to book a window seat when flying.

The worst place on the plane? That would be next to or within two rows of someone who is already sick.

But here’s something to ease your worries: the Civil Aviation Authority reveals that the volume of air on a plane is recycled every two to three minutes – much more often than inside an air-conditioned building.

Where do you prefer to sit when flying? Why?

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