Some airlines may try new seating configurations. I think I’d like this one for my family, but I’m not touching knees with strangers!

Proposed Family Seating On Flights Doesn’t Go Over Well Online

Even though Southwest Airlines already tried out and abandoned the idea of having passengers face each other on flights, the concept seems to be floating around again.

Germany’s Heinkel Group has proposed the “Flex Lounge” on planes, which groups four seats together, claiming the arrangement will allow “families and groups of friends to have an affordable privacy space during flights.”

It seems people don’t want to interlock their legs with the person sitting across from them, as online reaction to the plan gives it a swift thumbs down. One Twitter user dubbed it “Worst. Idea. Ever,” adding the company should be “shut down for incompetence and idiocy.” Another felt, “Heinkel Group needs to launch whoever is responsible for this straight into the sun or a nearby active volcano. NOOOOO!”

How do you feel about this idea? In what situation could this work?

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