List: This Is What Items We Forget To Buy To Prep For Thanksgiving Dinner

“Shipt” which if you don’t know, is a same day delivery company.

Shipt has delivered their first ever list of the most forgotten food items for that Thanksgiving dinner. In a survey of over 2,100 Americans we all forgot to grab the cranberries? So copy this list and don’t forget these items.

However, which Thanksgiving meal item can you go without?

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List of the most forgotten items:

  1. Cranberries (33%)
  2. Fragrant Spices (such as Thyme) (30%)
  3. Napkins (23%)
  4. Beverages (21%)
  5. Pumpkin Spices (20%)
  6. Pie crust (20%)
  7. Potatoes (17%)
  8. Plates (16%)
  9. Table and autumn-specific decor (15%)
  10. Candles (14%)