Redditors Share Their Predictions For 2022

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2022; The Olympic Games are back, three new “Star Wars” spinoffs are coming to Disney+, and artists are touring again.

People have their own predictions though for what else is to come this year. Redditor u/High_Prophet asked, “What is something you are pretty sure is going to happen in 2022?” 

Here are some of the best responses:

  • Disney keeps remaking classics – “Disney will announce another remake of a classic movie which will ultimately be far worse than the original.” –u/bradbrazer
  • It’ll be the year of 2s – “22/2/22 22:22:22 will occur” –u/cef_jeff_likes_yeet
  • *fingers crossed* COVID-19 becomes more manageable – “COVID-19 will become very much so more manageable and/or cases will be very low” –u/goddamnittya
  • Queen Elizabeth will sadly pass away – “It will undeniably be a momentous world event when the Queen does pass.” –u/embouteillagez
  • Avatar 2 will be delayed… again. “The blue people one that was supposed to come out in 2014ish.” –u/Calligrapher-Sorry
  • A great show from another country will dominate on Netflix –
    “Some great Korean, Israeli, Turkish, French, Spanish series will surprise us on Netflix.” –u/TidePodSommelier
  • “Netflix will cancel a good series too soon.” –u/PinkSweetGhost

What are you “manifesting” for 2022?