Rick Astley Mashes Foo Fighters with “Never Gonna Give You Up”

After Dave Grohl performed the “the Best” meme with Jimmy Fallon on Tonight Show, singer Rick Astley decided to take on his own version.

In a video posted to social media Astley can be heard playing the music from Foo Fighters’ “Best of You,” but singing the lyrics to his own song, “Never Gonna Give You Up.” “Dave, Jimmy, I saw your clip on YouTube,” Astley wrote with the clip. “Amazing !! felt the need to respond – keep on Rockin and ‘Rollin’.'”

In case you were unaware of the Rick Roll and “the Best” memes, you may want to spend some time on Youtube.

What do you think of Rick Astley’s take on Foo Fighters? Did Dave Grohl do a decent job co-hosting The Tonight Show?