Do you buy novelty holiday gifts? I was in line behind a woman buying a wine Advent calendar, a cheese Advent calendar, and a beer Advent calendar.  I think they were all for herself….  Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉

Have you seen the latest from Hidden Valley Ranch dressing?  Pretty sure I need that sweater…

‘Tis the season for some salad. While that may not have the same ring as the classic Christmas tune, delight the ranch lover in your family with this holiday gift.

Thanks to Hidden Valley, you can tack up a stocking filled with 52-ounces of the brand’s original ranch dressing.

Don’t worry about it seeping onto the floor either; the packaging is made out of food-safe plastic and comes with a spout in the toe area so you can pour out that creamy deliciousness right from over the fireplace.

If you prefer dressing yourself, rather than your food, Hidden Valley has more in their Christmas collection, including an adult onesie and a ranch bottle ugly sweater.

What’s the best salad dressing? Which is better on wings: blue cheese or ranch?

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