This seems inconsistent:  one of these stores pulled vaping products, but still sells cigarettes.

From the source:

Kroger, Walgreen’s Discontinue Vape Sales

Kroger and Walgreen’s have become the latest major retailers to remove e-cigarettes and vaping products from their shelves. Making the announcement Monday, officials at Kroger — which owns Fry’s, Ralph’s and Fred Meyer, among others — said the decision to stop selling the electronic devices is “due to the mounting questions and increasingly-complex regulatory environment associated with these products.”

Walgreen’s officials say they’ll stop selling e-cigarettes in its 9,500 stores after its current inventory runs out.

Although health officials have not traced a specific illness to any single product or ingredient, they’ve raised questions about thickeners and additives used in vaping products. They also feel the fruity flavors attract young people to the practice, which can lead to nicotine addiction.

Why haven’t more stores stopped selling cigarettes, too?

Do you think more people will smoke cigarettes once vaping has been completely eliminated?

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