The Best Band Merch Ever?

Did Ozzy Osborne create the best band merch ever?

Ozzy Osbourne Sells Detachable Head Bat Plushie

How did Ozzy Osbourne mark one of the more pivotal events to take place in his storied career?

By fully embracing the notoriety and making some cash off it as well.

On the 38th anniversary of the Prince Of Darkness biting the head off a bat that had been thrown on stage, he’s re-released a plushie version that comes with a detachable head. Last year’s lot of the $40 stuffed toys sold out quickly so you should act soon if you’re going to do your best Blizzard of Oz impression. Perhaps bring it along when Ozzy’s North American tour picks up in May, playing dates through July before he heads across the pond in the fall.

What are some other infamous “rock and roll” stories?

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