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Have you ever come home from a movie or concert and had ringing in your ears?  This can cause permanent hearing damage.  Long time ringing in the ears, even when not exposed to high volume is called tinnitus, and many musicians and fans alike experience this intermittently in life.  (There are other causes of tinnitus, too, so you should mention it to your doctor if you experience this.  Approximately 20% of the population lives with this distracting noise.)

If you love concerts, I recommend ear filters.  Filters are slightly different than ear plugs, in that they filter out certain frequencies and decibels.  Earplugs generally just block decibels, giving a muffled sound to music.  Excellent ear filters sell for under $25.  The most important aspect of hearing protection is faithfully wearing them in loud situations.  Once you find ear filters that fit your ears well, you will protect your ears  and limit the effects from future hearing loss or damage.

Disclaimer:  I am not a medical provider, nor an expert on hearing loss.  I’m just an avid live music fan who suffers with tinnitus and wants you to enjoy your live music experiences.

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