Wow!  I am from one of those typical overweight Southern families, where we celebrate and sympathize with comfort food.  I never met a dessert I disliked (except chocolate–I don’t like chocolate or fudge).  Everyone in my family is 50-100 pounds overweight.  We’re “big boned.”

Except, that’s not true.

We’re overweight.

When I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, the doctor told me I had a 10x risk of developing Type 2 diabetes within a decade.  I looked at my family, who simply kept eating whatever they wanted and taking more Metformin and Insulin, never changing their food habits.

I decided to change and stop the pattern.

It has not been easy.  It took a long time.  There’s no magic.  I had to stop lying to myself about what and how much I was eating.

It took years to lose 45 pounds.  I averaged 1 pound a month. ONE.  I’ve kept the weight off for 2 years.  I still track every single thing I eat, including cough drops and mints.

Interestingly, in the 2 years while I’ve maintained my weight, I’ve gone down 2 more clothing sizes.  I’ve always been a runner at all weights.  I added heavy weightlifting and interval training 2 years ago, and that has been my “secret.”

Anyway, I’ve fought back against Type 2 diabetes and what seemed like inevitable genetic obesity.  I brought down my A1C, blood pressure, and stabilized my IBS.

Also, turns out I’m “small boned.”  That was just another lie I told myself.

Get healthy.  You can do this.  Weight itself is not a measure of health.  If you have other risk factors, though, your weight is something you can change.  You still may face health issues, but you will be prepared to battle them.

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