Y’all Come Back Now, You Hear

Lee Snelgrove of One Columbia

We love hosting local arts and music scene-makers, businesses, and non-profits on air!  Comment below if you’d like to join us.

Tuesday, Curiosity Coffee Bar in the Cottontown neighborhood came in bright and early.  They started out roasting coffee beans in their backyard.  Through support from the USC Business Incubator, Curiosity Coffee grew into brick and mortar.  As they continue to evolve, stop by for Food Truck Mondays, enjoy their beer and wine, and live music and comedy nights.

Sandra Moscato and Greg Slattery of Curiosity Coffee Bar

Wednesday, Lee Snelgrove of One Columbia stopped in.  (Photo at the top of the page.)  One Columbia is a non-profit that receives some funding from the city.  So, check out One Columbia’s calendar of many arts, culture, and history events.  Historically, One Columbia has supported public art.  More recently, they amplify the economic impact of the arts in the Midlands.  Also, One Columbia is one of those behind the scenes organizations that makes Columbia stand out to tourists and locals alike.

Thursday, we have an interesting guest coming by to chat about different ways of working.



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