Jamesha Shackerford of Central Carolina Community Foundation for Black Philanthropy Month 2020
Jamesha Shackerford joined Sloane Spencer on the Morning Dive to kick off Black Philanthropy Month in the Midlands. Throughout August, we will highlight several Black-led and Black-serving non-profits in our community. Join us to celebrate their work with Give 8/28, a special day of philanthropy on August 28!

94.9 The Palm celebrates Black Philanthropy Month 2020!  We will highlight several Black-led and Black-serving organizations in our community.  Through the continued commitment of the Central Carolina Community Foundation, non-profits in the Midlands connect, engage, and serve people in need, with a special focus on marginalized communities.  Several of the organizations doing the work join us this month:

Shine light together at the end of the month with Give 8/28 Day, a special day of celebration and fundraising to support non-profits in the Midlands.

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