Have you ever played in a band?  How did y’all choose your vocalist?

When I joined my first (and only!) band, nobody wanted to sing.  Even though my 5th grade teacher kicked me out of choir because I could not carry a tune, I ended up being our singer.  Wish I’d had some of these tips!

What’s your best advice to vocalists?

From the original:

Planning to front your own band, singing and playing guitar simultaneously? Here’s some advice from an expert who knows a thing or two.

Speaking to Music Radar, Peter Strobl, who’s worked with Van Halen, Clutch, and Naked Blue as their vocal coach, shares his tips for getting started.

Breathing is most important, says Strobl, who advises exercises in that department. And while you might be holding an instrument, audiences will think of you as a singer, reveals Strobl, so don’t “shortchange” your vocals.

Strobl also notes that microphone placement gets overlooked, and most musicians wrongly put their effects pedals in a way that causes them to strain. Do you play in a band? Do you have any advice to those getting started?

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