John Oates is getting ready to release his new solo album, Reunion, on May 17, and fans should be prepared for something totally different than what they’re used to from his work with Hall & Oates. 

In recent interviews John has said that he’s moved on from the music he made with Daryl Hall, and that’s particularly the case with this album.

“It’s compelling me to make music that is representative of who I am now, what I think about, what I feel like and where my life has kind of put me,” he tells ABC Audio. “And I can’t be held to the past.”

John says he understands that some of his Hall & Oates fans may be upset by this new direction. “They love to hear this music that was so much part of their lives growing up and I get that completely,” he says, but it’s just something he can’t do anymore. 

“It’s just one of those things. I feel like I need to represent who I am now with my music and my public persona,” he explains. “I don’t want to be that ’80s guy, you know? I’m not that ’80s guy, so why should I try to replicate that or try to pretend that I am? It feels completely artificial and false.” 

Fans have already gotten their first taste of Reunion, with the already released title track and its accompanying video. Reunion is available for preorder now.

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