Our family started doing an elbow-to-elbow touch greeting as a joke because we are all sweaty, gross athletes.  We didn’t always want to hug each other after events, so we started doing an elbow touch instead of a high five or hug.

Turns out:  we’re brilliant.

And wash your hands.  Sing “Karma Chameleon” while you soap up.

How To Greet People During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Since health officials are cautioning against shaking hands and giving a friendly European kiss in an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus, just how exactly are we to greet each other?

While fistbumps and high fives transmit half as many bacteria than a handshake, they’re currently not recommended.

Instead, US Surgeon General Jerome Adams introduced the elbow bump.

World Health Organization Assistant Director General Bruce Aylward is also on board with the idea.

Since experts say the best protection is no contact at all, the former president of the Indian Medical Association advised trying out the “Corona Namaste,” which is a variation of the yoga bow.

How has coronavirus concerns changed your behavior?

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